What are we doing to Save The LaSalle?

Progress Reports:

October 2013

Restore the Chimney(DONE!)

The old chimney for the heating system was in a state of imminent collapse and has now been completely rebuilt by Crooker's Custom Masonry.


September 2013

Restore the Parapets(DONE!)

This was not part of our original plan, however we were advised by a local architect that the three parapets along the front of the theatre at the roof had significant damage to the supporting bricks, and without immediate attention, the parapet would soon collapse onto the roof, and due to their great weight, they would likely collapse right through the roof through the building effectively damaging the building and endangering anyone who was inside at the time.  Although we had not fundraised for it, we had no choice but to restore the parapets.

BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER:




June 2013

Restore the mirror foyer (DONE!)

We also wanted to clean and re-paint the mirror foyer in time for Homecomming 2013.  This way we could have a safe and clean area to showcase what we intend to do with the LaSalle.

May-June 2013

Restore the marquee (DONE!)

We felt that the town of Kirkland Lake needed and wanted to see progress, and we wanted to clean up the marquee in time for Homecomming 2013.  A number of local businesses including Crema Enterprises, Kirkland Rent All,  Guillevin International Co, Hoggarth Interiors Ltd, were all generous with significant price reductions.




July 2013

Install a complete new roof (DONE)

Some of you who were in the theatre before it closed will remember there was significant plaster damage due to roof leaks.  This problem got worse while the theatre was closed.  In order to even consider saving the LaSalle, it was essential that our first step be to rebuild the roof.  Unfortunately a patch job would not address the issues, so we have installed an entire new roof membrane.

May 22nd, 2013

Acquire the LaSalle Theatre (DONE)

On May 22nd, 2013, legal title to the theatre was officially transferred to "SaveTheLasalle" : A non-profit corporation.