Our main goal is to restore the LaSalle Theatre to its original beauty and to operate the theatre for the benefit of the Town of Kirkland Lake.

Our sub goals are to:
- Restore the theatre;
- Create a program to utilize the theatre for community events;
- Create a regional theatre production company;
- Create an historic venue for touring entertainment;
- The return of MOVIES;

What is left to do before we can watch some movies?

This feels like an open list that we will add more items to, but the short list is:
The seats were removed at the time the theatre was closed.  Northern College has been wonderful enough to donate their used seats to us, so they will need to be installed properly - hopefully this fall.

The sound system was removed before the theatre was sold, so we will need to acquire suitable speakers and amplifiers

The plaster walls/ceiling that were water damaged must be repaired and painted.

The heating system requires a final overhaul before firing up

There needs to be a significant cleanup performed, but we must wait until the building is declared safe to have occupants again

The projectors are still at the LaSalle, are functional as far as we know.  However, "Film" movies are no longer going to be produced after December of 2013 (yes, this year).  This will mean we will need to install a complete digital projection system, as this is the only way new movies will be released.

The concession stand will need to be re-equipped as all the original equipment is missing.

We hope the community of Kirkland Lake - and theatre lovers throughout the north -will assist us to achieve our goals through volunteer activities and moral support. (Money too - but we will address fund raising plans)