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It will take more than a few dollars to Save The LaSalle

But you can help.  

One way, is a simple online donation through PayPal.
Every dollar and every penny will help.  Thanks so much.

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Another way is by buying some items from our online store.  We will be adding more items as time goes on.  Check back often for new items.

Our proper online store.... well..... we are theatre people, not online store builders! While we sort out the problems of server side scripting, shopping carts, PHP, Java and other such nasties, we have a simple online order form.  When you fill in the fields below and click Submit, it will generate an email inside your email client which you can send to us.  We will respond to this e-mail-order. Or, of course, you can call us directly.  (416)-886-1951.

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Enjoy SavingTheLaSalle one coffee at a time with this unique mug.  The image is a line art recreation from a vintage original photo, and shows what the LaSalle box office and entrance looked like in 1939 - and it will look like this again! Single SaveTheLaSalle Mug @ 10.00 each
Quantity (1 means you will receive 1 mug):

Share a coffee with a friend or spouse and enjoy SavingTheLaSalle with 2 of these wonderful and unique mugs.  Buying 2 saves you 3.50 off the regular price of 2. Bundle of 2 SaveTheLaSalle Mugs @ 17.50
Quantity (1 means you will receive 2 mugs):
You get the idea - but this is best way to promote SavingTheLaSalle with 4 friends.  You get 4 mugs and save $15.00 off the price of buying 4 individually. Bundle of 4 SaveTheLaSalle Mugs @ 25.00 each
Quantity (1 means you will receive 4 mugs):
Show your pride in helping to SaveTheLaSalle, and as a bonus, keep the sun out of your eyes, and the mosquitos out of your hair.  Various colours and styles are available.  Let us know your preference and we will do our best to fill your order. SaveTheLaSalle Hat @ 20.00 each
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Everyone needs shirts.  Let your friends know you have helped to SaveTheLaSalle with a T-shirt.  This one has the smaller logo.  Various colours are available.   Sizes:  Medium and Large.  Custom sizes are available.  Let us know what you need. SaveTheLaSalle T-shirt with small logo @ 20.00 each
Quantity      Color      Size
Make sure that even people at a distance know you have helped to SaveTheLaSalle with these large logo T-shirts.  Various colours are available.  Sizes: Medium and Large.  Custom sizes are available.  Let us know what you need. SaveTheLaSalle T-shirt with large logo @ 27.00 each
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A nice button will let people know what you have helped to support. These are your typical medium sized button. SaveTheLaSalle Button @ 2.50 each
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What's better than one nice button?  Two nice buttons!
SaveTheLaSalle 2 Button bundle @ 4.00 each
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