In 2015 we were able to hire a full time theatre manager. Chrissy grew up in Kirkland Lake and recently completed her training as a stage manager.  She is at the theatre daily to co-ordinate the ongoing daily activities of the Theatre.  Her salary is currently covered by additional donated funds from a private sponsor.

We are also pleased to announce that in 2015 we purchased a state of the art Digital Movie Projector.   This is critical to our future plans for the re-opening of the LaSalle and, with the audio system we purchased in 2014, we will now be able to once again run movies at the LaSalle Theatre.  We have recently renovated the Projection Room with new windows, new plaster walls and new electric heaters in anticipation of the installation of the new projector.  If all goes according to plan we hope to have the projector and sound system installed in the May / June timeframe of 2016.

Over the course of 2015 we have continued with necessary repairs to various components of our 1939 theatre building.  We have:

  • arranged for heat / telephone / internet to the original theatre storefront for the purposes of maintaining a full time theatre office;

  • purchased and installed a gas furnace to heat the theatre auditorium;

  • undertaken re-wiring of one of the main electric panels to facilitate further updating of wiring for various components in the theatre – including the heating of some of the lobby areas with new infra red heaters;

  • continued with further repairs to the theatre’s roof;

  • undertaken repairs to the cast iron drains which are part of the roof structure;

  • obtained an engineering opinion and plan with respect to a proposed strengthening of the theatre’s back wall;

  • installed 125 theatre seats (generously donated by Northern College) with the goal of installing at least another 125 seats in the main auditorium once structural and cosmetic repairs are finalized in the auditorium.

Although the theatre auditorium was not ready to host public performances in 2015, we undertook various community projects.  For the winter carnival of 2015, in association with the KLDCS Drama Club, we produced “The Playwright’s Challenge” which saw aspiring Kirkland Lake actors and playwrights write, rehearse and perform a one act play in a 24 hour time frame.  We continued our annual tradition of "Shakespeare In the Park” with the production of “Two Gentlemen from Verona” at the Wright-Hargreave’s Park with a cast of Kirkland Lake talent, co-ordinated and directed by our Artistic Director, Michael Rawley and his Artistic Associate, Shane McClurg.  In association with KLDCS drama club (supervised by one of our Board Members, Victoria Wooldrige) we presented “The Haunted LaSalle” with thrills and scares for young and old alike  We also continued with our annual Christmas presentation of “Scrooge”, featuring Michael and Shane - and this year we were able to tour our production to local high schools and to Quebec.

We have continued with our fundraising efforts by hosting “The Toonie Challenge” / the Shakespeare in the Park 50/50 draw (to sponsor our theatrical production ambitions) / the Fed 50/50 draw (to sponsor our ongoing theatre renovations).

A particular highlight for us in 2015 was the very generous contribution of the Kirkland Lake Arts Council who presented a wonderful performance of “Miss Caledonia” and allowed SaveTheLaSalle to retain proceeds of ticket sales for our ongoing financial needs.

We have received a donation which has allowed us to purchase a digital sign soon to be installed on the LaSalle’s marquee to announce our upcoming plans and events.


Although we had hoped to open the theatre in 2015, the Board of Directors ultimately decided to err on the side of caution by keeping the theatre auditorium closed until we can be satisfied the theatre is once again capable of safely hosting live events.  Our final substantial project will be the strengthening of the theatre’s back wall, which we estimate will cost approximately $50,000.00 for labour and materials.  Once that project is complete we anticipate we will be able to allow the public full access to the stage and auditorium.


Since starting on our voyage to bring the LaSalle back to life we have raised approximately $125,000.00 through donations and fundraising activities.  To the end of 2015 we have spent approximately $100,000.00 on major repairs – mostly to structural elements of the building.

The balance of the funds raised go to funding utilities, taxes and insurance.

To date we have managed all of our activities through donations from individuals; donations from numerous community organizations; donations and loans from our Board of Directors – and proceeds from our events and our fundraising programs.    

We continue to remain hopeful that we will eventually qualify for public funding.  We are very fortunate that our Artistic Staff has been able to continue to donate their time to the presentation of our ongoing theatrical productions.

REMEMBER:  If you can help us with a donation to meet the balance of our restoration and production efforts you can donate through the PayPal button on our webpage at - or you can mail a cheque to:  SaveTheLasalle, 183 Main Street North, Markham, ON, L3P 1Y2

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